After the exams!

I know I’m not even half-way through my exams (BOO!) but I rly want to post the stuff I wanna do during the 3-month long break!

(in no particular order)

Oh of course, I also need to tidy my stuff, both online and offline. :(

3 months doesn’t sound like a lot of time, esp since I still have OWk stuff! :( But at least it’s a LONG break! :D

^ Motivation to mug harder? :P

Edited 21/04/2012 3.53PM: I dunno how to answer to replies in a separate post (Anyone knows? Or is it even possible?) so here’s my answer

ron-mmy: wat’s learn coding ???is it opening a website like ?/?

Hmm what’s Anw, HTML is a markup language & CSS is a style sheet language. They are used in the layout and design of a website. So I’m planning to learn the basics of how to design a website. It’s more for interest’s sake than anything else but I may try to design my graphics blog from scratch when I learn enough. :)

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